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Heal your tennis elbow once and for all

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to just pick up a glass of water, without feeling the elbow pain that you know would occur, then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.


Learn how to resolve Tennis Elbow without having injections, surgery or daily pain pills.

But first, listen as Buddy tells the story of how he overcame Tennis Elbow…

After Experiencing Buddy’s Desperate Situation the

Tennis Elbow Relief Program was born... 


Benefits of the program:

  • Heal Tennis Elbow once and for all - even if you’ve had it for years AND even if you have it in both arms

  • Heal in the comfort of your own home - no Drs visits or therapy appointments to attend, no stressful traveling or expensive parking - saving you time, gas AND money!

  • No dangerous invasive procedures - no injections, no needles of any kind, no surgery, no harmful radiation

  • Stop wasting more money on pills, potions, lotions, braces, machines and other things that quite frankly don’t heal the tendon

  • Get your life back - stop wasting time with elbow pain stopping you from doing all the wonderful things you want to enjoy!

So after I solved Buddy’s Tennis Elbow and got him back to playing the drums, I decided…


Why Not Make The Ability To Heal Tennis Elbow Available To Everyone?


I combined all the medical knowledge… all the hours I spent researching Tennis Elbow into a single solution that makes healing Tennis Elbow a piece of cake.

You’ll get all the tips and techniques that’ll allow you to Heal your Tennis Elbow when you invest in my:


Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program


The Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program will enable anyone to heal Tennis Elbow without having to endure invasive injections, surgery or take pain pills every day.

What you'll get:

  • Over 8 hours of instruction from a Tennis Elbow Specialist Physical Therapist that covers everything you need to settle your Tennis Elbow - full content, education, instructions, checklists, comprehensive workbook, calendars, lists and more (value $3,600)

  • Lessons (video and text) and helpful tips will become available as you complete each section

  • Lifetime access to the course content - many of the principles I describe in this course, apply, not only to Tennis Elbow, but to many other injuries too - you’ll be able to apply all your new knowledge to ALL of your aches and pains, whenever you should need it AND you’ll always get any updates as new research comes out. Think of this as having your very own Concierge Specialist available to you 24/7

  • 12 weeks of group coaching via Zoom, so that your specific questions can be answered there and then. These calls are the most valuable part of the course - they’re not mandatory, but they are highly recommended  (value $5400)

  • Attendance of an Empowered Relief class. Empowered Relief® is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills. Developed at Stanford University (value $499)

  • Lifetime access to me in the private Tennis Elbow Queen’s VIP Healing Team Facebook group, with both direct email and messaging to me for any and all questions that may come up 

  • Weekly live check-ins for you and your fellow VIPs in the private Facebook group so you can ask me your questions directly without waiting for a response.(value $4850)


  • You get a downloadable Healing Guide workbook, which includes:

  • Assessments to monitor your progress

  • A calendar to check off your home exercises and treatments

  • An ice / heat checklist

  • An extensive suggested equipment list with the links to the items I recommend to my one to one clients

  • Total value $4275!!!

You’ll receive the workbook as soon as you sign up, so you can dig in and start healing your elbow at home.


All of this was created from the techniques I devised to heal Buddy and has been refined and improved over the last 15 years.


I am very proud of my Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program.

Because after you complete my Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program you’ll be able to do whatever you want to do with no restrictions! 


You’ll be able to lift a bottle of water or a gallon of milk with no pain. 


You’ll be able to work out or lift your laptop without feeling your elbow.


You’ll be able to turn a doorknob or take the lid off a jar without pain.


You’ll be able to play tennis or guitar, drums or fact whatever you want to do with NO PAIN.


Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what customers from all over the world are able to do after going through the Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program.

More Success Stories:

  • Janet got back to playing golf with the ladies

  • Jim got back to bowling and sent me a video of his first strike back

  • Maya got back to playing softball after doctors told her she couldn’t be helped

  • Eric had had Tennis Elbow for 3 years, had 2 injections and was pain-free after the first 2 sessions 

  • Matt had Tennis Elbow for 2 months after laying a patio at home - he was pain-free in 2 weeks 

  • Fabby had Tennis Elbow on and off for 5 years and was limiting what she did due to her elbow pain. She was pain-free after 3 weeks

  • Diana had suffered for 18 months and was told that surgery was her only option. She was back playing tennis in 10 weeks.

  • Marc had suffered for 9 months when someone told him about me at a party. 10 weeks later he was back on court. 

Which of these powerful secrets could you use to beat Tennis Elbow?



  • The #1 thing you need to STOP doing to allow your elbow to heal.

  • The ACTUAL length of time it takes for a tendon to fully heal.

  • The #1 exercise that most Doctors don’t know about, that you MUST be doing to heal Tennis Elbow for good.

  • The simple home treatment that speeds up tennis Elbow healing by 25%

  • How to solve muscle spasm / tightness

  • The ONLY strengthening exercise you need - aka the secret sauce of the program! This is where the magic happens. This exercise REVERSES the damage of Tennis Elbow. Can I get a “Whoop whoop”?

  • The safest way to return to working out / playing a musical instrument / sport / lifting...whatever activity it is that YOU want to do - to ENSURE that Tennis Elbow does NOT return.

Ok, so what's the cost for healing Tennis Elbow FOREVER?

You see, there are many people who spend thousands of dollars trying to solve tennis elbow. I just spoke to a guy who had spent $7000 on 32 sessions of red light therapy treatment and STILL had Tennis Elbow!


Not to mention the countless hours of time wasted banging your head against the wall. 

Plus you can buy other products that range between a $20 flexbar (which likely WILL make you worse!) and $100 elbow brace (which won’t heal the tendon!) but end up frustrated at the end. I know a guy who has 8 different Tennis Elbow braces sitting in his closet, because none of them worked for him and he’s STILL searching for the magic brace that will solve the problem and get him back to playing tennis!!! Imagine if he’d spent that money on my program - he’d be healed and playing tennis as we speak!


$7000 on red light therapy, $5500 on chiropractic, $1000 on a PRP injection, $800 on braces and for sure he tried all 4 colors of the Flexbar - just to make sure, right?


That’s a grand total of $14,380!!


But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount for the

Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program


For a low price of $2497, you can get everything you need to heal Tennis Elbow and return to everything you want to do with no restrictions. You can even get started today for the low price of $697 when you choose the 4-pay option! 


You see, $2497 is a drop in the ocean compared to the money you’re going to waste on ineffective braces, bars, lotions, potions and treatments. You probably spend that much at Starbucks in a year and bits on Amazon that are gone in an instant. 


Why not invest that money to heal your elbow instead?

Believe me, I wish I had developed the Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program when I first started working with Buddy. It would have saved us hours of frustrating trial and error to get him back playing the drums. 


So, what’s the catch? 


Why am I practically giving this resource away? 


Well it’s really quite simple, I want to give everyone, including you, the ability to heal their Tennis Elbow. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to heal Buddy without it!

Marble Surface

Buddy, Drummer

Doctors told me I wouldn't get back to playing. Emma devised a brand new treatment to heal me. Thanks Emma!

Marble Surface

Karen, Field hockey player

I didn't think Emma could help me virtually. But after her treatment, I was back playing - the doctors were amazed by my progress!

Marble Surface

Paul, Tennis player

I never thought I'd get back to playing, but after following Emma's instructions to the letter - not only did I get back to playing, but I won my first match back!

But, I know you're skeptical about Healing YOUR Tennis Elbow...

 That’s OK… I’ve heard it before! 

Before undergoing his life changing transformation, Buddy felt the same way - I still remember the way he rolled his eyes as he walked in for our first session. I could almost hear him saying “Here we go AGAIN!”. 


That’s why I’m offering a 100% Risk Free Guarantee: I personally guarantee that if you don’t feel better within 7 days then let me know and I’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked – no hassles! 


I feel this is as fair as I could be! That means you can try out the Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program at no risk. See if it works for you or not. And if it doesn’t produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back!! 


But I’m sure you’ll be able to heal your elbow in no time. I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating the Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program if it didn’t work!

You really can't afford not to invest in your health...

Right now, you have two choices:


You can either carry on limiting your activities, popping pain pills and scheduling doctors appointments for injections and surgeries. Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in the Comprehensive Elbow Pain Relief Program. And start healing your elbow and claiming your life back. This choice is yours. 

Imagine playing tennis with your friends, picking up a cup of coffee or heading out to the golf course with your buddies. You can start healing instantly when you take action and order my Tennis Elbow Relief Program.

Get started today for just $697


Why should I listen to you?

Great question!

I’ve been healing Tennis Elbows for over 15 years and 80% of the clients I work with have Tennis Elbow. Most general therapists see one or two Tennis Elbows per year. I see 3-4 new Tennis Elbow clients per WEEK! This has allowed me to develop a proven treatment program that works. My background allows me to bring in elements from the UK, US and the extensive sports experience I have, including working at the Olympics and traveling internationally with sports teams, including tennis players.


Nothing has worked for me - what makes this different?

I guarantee you haven’t done the things I teach. The reason I know this is because if you had - you would be healed - it's as simple as that! No-one treats Tennis Elbow the way I do and so no-one gets the results for Tennis Elbow sufferers that I get. The reason is that I address the issues with the nervous system from day 1.

But, Emma, I don't think I have a problem with my nervous system.

95% of my Tennis Elbow clients have a problem with their nervous system. These are subtle changes that an experienced practitioner would pick up. A tension in one of the nerves that travels down the arm, if not addressed, will lead to many years of frustration and pain as your Tennis Elbow doesn't heal in the way it should do. My program addresses these issues from day 1 and ensures all problems are resolved.


Why should I spend any more money on this? (I don't really think you can help me!)

I can understand that! You have likely spent money on therapies, braces, pills, potions, massage and doctors visits - to name a few! And these things have let you down! If they hadn’t - you would be healed. I know my program works and you’ve heard from clients of mine that have healed with my system too, but you’re still fearful that this might be yet another thing that doesn’t work for you. That’s why I offer a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you follow my program and you don't think it will work for you, we give you your money back - no questions asked. This leaves you with no risk. What do you have to lose? Tennis Elbow pain - that’s what!


I can get physical therapy for free under my health insurance, so why should I pay for this?

I'm sure you are familiar with the saying "You get what you pay for". You may be able to access "free" or "cheap" physical therapy through your health insurance, but you wouldn't get the results you want. Most "general" physical therapists see 1 or 2 Tennis Elbow clients per year. I see 3-4 per WEEK. I am a SPECIALIST Tennis Elbow physical therapist who created this program for people just like you, searching for the elusive solution to your elbow pain. Your health insurance will not be able to send you to a SPECIALIST Tennis Elbow physical therapist. You would get "general" treatment, that will not resolve your issues. 

You are investing in yourself and your future quality of life. You can try other "cheaper" options, but nothing will resolve Tennis Elbow like my program. 

In the past we had clients who attended our clinic under the Workers Compensation scheme - these clients were able to come see us for absolutely NO cost to them. Nothing. Nada! And they were the most likely to cancel an appointment, show up late, not do their exercises or follow the advice they were being given and seriously not value the service they were being given. (Not ALL of them for sure, but some!) Contrast this to the clients whose insurance doesn’t cover them to attend and they are paying cash out of their own pockets; they attend every single session (and are likely to be early), follow my instructions to the letter and ask copious amounts of questions (I LOVE questions!). Can you guess who gets the best results?


I’ve even seen this in myself - I’ve been gifted free courses in the past and never finished them, let alone put them into practice! Yet, when I’ve forked out $21k for a program - you can bet your bottom dollar, I was on every class (even the ones at 4am because the coach was in the UK!) and put everything into practice - not difficult to guess what my results were too!!! 


This sounds too good to be true! (Is it a scam?)

I know! It really does sound amazing, especailly when you've been suffering for so long, or no-one else has been able to help you! But, no - it's not a scam. I sometimes think to myself - why does this work so darn well? The answer is, I did the research - I looked at every available treatment option, evaluated them all and collated the best of the best. AND, I continue to read the research and update the program as new evidence comes out. As a program participant, you benefit from instant updates made.


Why didn’t my doctor/physical therapist/physio/chiropractor tell me about this?

This is a great question! And one I can’t answer, other than, they just don’t know about it. Don’t get me wrong - all the research is out there, relatively easily accessible, but nobody can know everything. That’s why you need someone with specialist knowledge. Someone who has read the research and applies it. That’s called evidence based practice - something that healthcare providers strive to follow.

Get started today for just $697

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