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Empowered Relief® is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills. Developed at Stanford University.
Next class will be held on Monday July 8th 2024 at 12pm Pacific. 
From the comfort of your home, join me for just 2 hours to learn simple yet impactful strategies that you can use right away to manage your chronic pain.

If persistent pain gets in the way of living the life you want, I hope you will join me for my next Empowered Relief® class.

Empowered Relief® is a skills-based, single-session training developed by pain psychologists at Stanford University and taught exclusively by certified instructors. This live, virtual class rapidly equips attendees with pain management skills to address ongoing pain that interferes with your quality of life. Research shows that attendees experience lasting benefits from Empowered Relief®, including reduced pain intensity, better sleep, lower stress, and more.

You will walk away from this 2-hour training with:

  • A deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind pain

  • A robust set of skills that you can count on to decrease the ways chronic pain negatively affects your daily life

  • An audio file combining binaural beats with guided meditation

  • An individualized plan you can turn to for pain relief

“I wish my doctor told me about this class on Day 1! Finally I have tools to manage my pain.”


As a licensed physical therapist, experienced trainer, and certified instructor, I look forward to sharing the Empowered Relief® curriculum with you. To learn more about my credentials, click here.

Empowered Relief® training is for educational and informational purposes only. Participation in this class does not establish a therapist-client relationship.

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