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You NEED these to heal Tennis Elbow!

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding Tennis Elbow is

"What is THE exercise I need to do to for my elbow?"

Whilst there isn't one exercise that can resolve lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) by itself, there IS one exercise that heals the tendon.

It's a strengthening exercise.

But you have to get HEAVY with it! And I mean really heavy. WAY heavier than you think!

I had a tennis player contact me, because he had had tennis elbow, but it had resolved. he felt fine doing all his daily activities. BUT, he couldn't get back on court, because his elbow would flare up every time he tried. No problems doing anything else, but COULDN'T play tennis!

I asked him how he had resolved his elbow to this point and he mentioned a number of things, most recently, a strengthening exercise. I asked how much weight he was using and he told me 3 pounds.

3 pounds!

That's nowhere near heavy enough to get him back on court - as he had found!

Once, I told him HOW heavy he had to get - he didn't believe he would be able to do it. But over a period of time (strengthening takes a minimum of 6 weeks!) he DID get there and was able to return to playing tennis with NO restrictions!

One of my Facebook group members has done exactly this and here's what she wrote:

Woo hoo! I LOVE getting messages like this! These great results are possible for you too!

Now, 1kg is just over 2 pounds and is exactly where you need to START with the strengthening exercises.

HOWEVER, as I mentioned above, you WILL need to get heavier.

If you want to be pain free doing your normal day to day activities, you will need to build up to somewhere between 5 and 8 pounds (2.5-3.5kg).

If you want to get back to doing moderate intensity activities, like vacuuming or yoga, you will need to build up to somewhere between 8 and 12 pounds (3.5-5.5kg).

But, if you want to get back to high intensity activities like tennis, golf, drumming, surfing etc, you will need to build to 12 pounds plus!


Are you ready to do it?

If you are, snag your weights right NOW! The adjustable dumbbells I recommend (because they will take you from 2-11 pounds!) are currently on special! I've never seen them this cheap, so I knew I had to share this! (They cost me $80 when I bought mine!!)

Click on the button below to check them out:

If you need the step by step exercises, my book lays it all out for you. Click the button below to get your copy:

Follow the steps in Phases 1 through 4 in the book and get the videos of the exercises in the book bonuses.

This is an amazing deal right now! You can heal your tennis elbow for less than the cost of a physio session or a chiro session or an acupuncture session....

Keep me posted on your progress!

Let's heal your elbow!


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