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The most common reason elbow pain doesn't heal

Is this you?

With the increase in people working from home, many times on their kitchen tables, more often than not on laptops, came the increase in aches and pains. Back ache, neck stiffness, shoulder pain and tennis elbow. All these issues increased exponentially!

There has been a significant up tick in elbow pain in people who sit at their desks all day. Clearly, it wasn't a new activity - they had been sitting at desks in their offices, but something had changed. That something was ergonomics.

The fancy, expensive chairs were still at the office, as were the standing desks and full sized desk top computers with the ergonomic keyboards, wrist supports and gel mouse pads. In their place were kitchen chairs, dining tables and LAPTOPS!

"Laptops keep me in business." is a phrase I've used on more than one occasion! Reason being, you have to bend your neck to look at the screen, because it's attached to the keyboard! Add onto that the fact that most people DON'T use a wrist rest when they are typing on them, makes them repetitive strain injury creating machines!

So, this explosion of "working from home" related elbow pain injuries led me to re-examine my advice when it comes to posture and ergonomics. I've always advised people how best to manage their elbow symptoms while at work, but now it's more how to manage them while they are working from home - on laptops. It's different!

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone working on a laptop is to raise the laptop up on books or a stand and use it as the screen. Then use a separate keyboard and mouse down on the desk or table. This one small change can take BIG stress and strain off your body.

So the next time your elbow, neck or back lets you know that they don't like the position you are in - LISTEN to them and change your position.

For 4 more super simple and easy to implement desk posture tips, click here or the button below for immediate access.

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