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This is the stretch that can prevent (and treat) Tennis Elbow!

Recently I was interviewed by Mehrban Iranshad for the Tennis Files Podcast. You can listen to the full episode here.

My main objective was to give real actionable items that the listeners of the Tennis Files Podcast could implement easily and effectively.

One question tennis players often ask me is "How can I prevent getting tennis elbow?".

This is a great question and one that Mehrban asked me during the podcast interview.

I prepared a video detailing the stretch that, if done properly and regularly, can prevent tennis elbow and is also one of the stretches that helps to heal tennis elbow, so that I would be able to reach all of Mehrban's listeners.

There was such a positive response to this stretch that I shared it with my Facebook group, Elbow Pain Relief with the Tennis Elbow Queen. If you are not yet a member of this free group, you can join here.

So, enough talking Emma! Share the stretch!

Absolutely! It's the stretch that the surgeon I work with gives all her tennis elbow patients, as she refers them to me, so that they get a jump start on their healing journey!

The goal of stretching is to reduce muscle tension. Muscle tension is one of the main causes of tennis elbow. Often, we think of overuse as the culprit, which is true. But the overuse issue leads to an increase in muscle tension - which is a normal response for a muscle being used. But if that muscle doesn't have chance to reduce the muscle tension back down, then the next time the muscle is worked the muscle tension continues to increase...and increase....and increase! That's when problems begin.

One simple stretch can reduce the muscle tension back down and ensure that the tendon doesn't become irritated by the excessive tugging on it by tight muscles. Does that make sense?

So, if you don't have tennis elbow (and even if you do), start doing this stretch TODAY! Try to hold the stretch for a full 30 seconds. This is the sweet spot for decreasing muscle tension. Anything less than 30 seconds is a good warm up stretch, but it won't decrease the muscle tension. If you hold it for 30 seconds, you only need to do it once and done!

If you don't have tennis elbow, stretch out before you play (just a quick warm up stretch will suffice), but then do your 30 second stretch AFTER you play.

If you DO have tennis elbow, do this stretch every hour through the day! I know it sounds a lot, but your arm needs it!

The most effective time to stretch is when you are warm. After playing, your body temperature is already up, so just stretch it out. If you are stretching every hour through the day, heat your elbow and forearm for 10 minutes before you stretch.

Alright - here is it. Get the video by signing up here.

Let's heal elbows!

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